The black comedian, Kevin Hart, recently made a video about his infidelity and the women involved wanting money. He plainly said he did not want anyone capitalizing off of his mistake. With this being his second marriage, it seems he would have had less trouble as a bachelor.

But the truth of the matter is, Kevin Hart deserves extortion along with whatever else happens.

Here is why…

For black people especially, it is extremely important to watch the mannerisms of popular figures that represent them and how they allow themselves to be represented. This is important because black people watch the most television and are thus the most influenced by celebrities.

With that fact in mind, I will take the reader back to 2009. During this year, Kevin Hart released his stand up, “I’m a Grown l Little Man”. Before the show, a short cartoon skit was shown. In the skit Kevin’s head is on the body of a small black child. He is holding a giraffe on a leash and walks directly into the mouth of an alligator.

By now, most people know of the horrible history of slave children being used as alligator bate. Also to be noted, is the history documenting African people being caged in zoos. Kevin saw the stand up before anyone else did. How could he allow himself to be portrayed in such a manner? For the love of money and acceptance? No one understands that black struggle is forever more than black people, so many jump ship from that as soon as they are able. After using their numbers to rise, of course.

Now some will say, he has done more selling out since then. True. But he is also still getting support. Others may say, “This has nothing to do with the current situation”. I would say, imagine a Jewish comedian going into a stove, as the cartoon opening in his comedy. Would they still support his career? Kevin has discussed Black Lives Matter issues on different occasions. Now he wants sympathy and understanding for his infidelity. Now he’s a human that makes mistakes.

But he sold out long ago. The stand up opening was swift and subtle. One quote I never forgot from art history was that, “Nothing is in a piece without reason, it’s because the artist put it there”. Such short and swift subtleties have people under mind control. It is important for black people to notice such subtleties so they will understand who is on their side. Because of the massive distraction campaigns occurring, the masses generally have a one to three month attention span and are always in a reactionary state.

So no. No, sympathy for Kevin because he made his bed. In the opening, he solidified his position as someone the black community should not trust and give no attention to. He cheated on his first wife, who was a pillar in his rise to fame. Sold black people out and is cheating in his second marriage. Honestly I believe the women involved as well as many others a tired of his attitude. Especially considering the betrayal it took to get to the top. But I always saw through it. In regards to the short piece, he thought no one noticed.

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