The Scarab

In the Egyptian story, the scarab or dung beetle rolls its ball of dung and buries it. The scarab rolling the beetle represents the sun moving across the sky and burying it represents sun set. The scarab spreading its wings literally means rising to greatness and the spirit  taking flight. This is the origin of sayings such as, “getting it out of the mud” or “the phoenix rising from the ashes”. This is relevant to black people because many of them make it by literally rising from the shit hole they are in and making something out of nothing. Also like them the beetle is black.

Being able to identify one’s self in nature, is important in understanding the importance of life. Such an understanding, improves how a person experiences the world around them and helps build an appreciation for nature which sustains all.


Collective Consciousness/ Unconsciousness 

This is a set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. In regards to African Americans, I highlights why there is always a need for distraction. The idea of them all focusing towards the same idea puts them in a powerful psychological state. Which is why, as of now, they are in a state of collective unconsciousness. This is due to the fabric of society being focused on the outer. This limits consciousness to the five senses.

During the time of Reconstruction and early 1900s, African Americans had a collective agreement that because of the inferiority complex caused by slavery and their portrayal in society as inferior, that they would not feed in to those stereotypes. Having a culture that resisted in even the most basic ways helped build pride. Older African Americans could sum this up as people saying, some things you just don’t do.

It has been long understood that a person becomes what they think about the most. Being able to apply such a principle as a collective, would result in them making better decisions on a personal level to benefit the rest of the group. This can be simple as a random act of kindness.

As scientific and archaeological evidence has proven, the original people were black. If they were somehow able to relish and indulge themselves in that fact, they would understand nothing can be denied them. They have gone lower than any other to the point where they emerged something completely new and unique. Because of this they can only go up.

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