In this post I will analyze some of the 48 laws and how they have been used to undermine POC and aid there oppression.

 Law 3) Conceal Your Intentions.

   This was done throughout the conquering of the known world. One of the best examples was in the use of alcohol to convince chiefs to sign over land. This is also used when trying to convince poc that another groups oppression is just as important as theirs.

 Law 11) Learn to keep people dependent on you.

The more dependent poc are to the system the less likely they are to resist it. Welfare and education play a part in this.

Law 12) Use Selective Honesty to Disarm.

Prior to any invasion of indigenous land a goodwill ambassador in the form of a merchant, missionary or explorer was sent to gather information. Once the report was received about their lack of guns and extreme kindness, the invasion proceeded. This also ties into, Law 14, Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy. A great example is the use of predatory lending in black communities that lead to massive foreclosures.

 Law 25) Recreate Yourself.

After conquering the world, European scholars were given the job of rationalizing it through different theories. The, economic theory, is used to justify the resource extraction that continues in Africa to this day. Literature such as, The White Man’s Burden, was also written to aid in this. Another theory discussed the psychological bliss received when exerting power over others. It is said, “Not sure which brings more joy, shedding blood or shedding sperm”. Another theory pointed to racism. But the most profound was humanitarianism. The idea that the indigenous people were being brought civilization and saved from barbarism.  By recreating the situation in different theories, it creates a platform that will allow little resistance when the atrocities are committed again. Multiculturalism falls under this.

 Law 42) Strike the Shepherd and the Sheep Will Scatter.

This law is one of the most closely related to the African American experience. Willie Lynch talked about killing the strongest and most respected male slave to discourage uprisings. This is also the tactic used in the deportation of Marcus Garvey and the assassinations of various black leaders up to the Flint water crisis.

Law 45) Preach Change but Never Reform to Much at Once.

Various other movements are presented to people of color in order to swell ranks. These movements distract them from focusing on their own issues. As a result, other groups get problems solved and they are left in the same position as before.

 The 48 laws can aid in identifying, obtaining, or arming oneself against power. Identifying how the laws are used against you is just as important because certain pitfalls can be avoided.

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