1.) Do NOT Shun the Importance of Reputation.pa6

Remember that even when your 100 years old, knowledge of who you were in your prime will always be a click away. This becomes even more important to consider if you do want to settle down at some point.

2.) Love Your Natural Hair and Beauty.

You don’t want to be 30 and realize you’ve wasted your prime years chasing someone else’s standard of beauty. Your 20s are the best time to enhance your own beauty. See how long you can grow your hair. Instead of wearing makeup all the time, perfect a melanin popping skin regimen and stick to it. *Tip: Just treat your skin like your have eczema, even if you don’t.

3.) Say Positive Affirmations Daily. 

Women of color have many more obstacles to overcome in life in general. A great way to stay on the right path is through positive affirmations. Speaking postivity into your life if important because what you think is what you become. Whether your shouldering the poverty of past generations or have low self esteem from propaganda in the media, affirmations can greatly help you. Ex.) I am the mother of humanity and nothing is denied me. I am a magnet for growth, prosperity and love.

4.) It’s Fine to Mirror the Positive Attributes of Oshun, However, Do NOT be Consumed By Her Vanity

Many people were quick to point out how Beyoncé represented the Orisha, Oshun, in the promotion of her album, Lemonade. While mentioning that she is a goddess of love, sensuality, prosperity and water. Her vanity, however, is never mentioned. With social media, it is easy to become only focused on the outer. Remember to develop professionally, spiritually, socially, and intellectually because beauty fades.

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